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every move you make is your own story

chess is a self-investment, enhancing critical thinking, patience, problem-solving, and strategic planning. it cultivates emotional control, quick decision-making, and resilience, contributing to cognitive development and applicable life skills.


personalized instruction


engagement and feedback


adaptable learning opportunities


online cerificate


online course for intermediate

this course is for experienced chess players who want to get better at strategy by learning advanced opening strategies, exploring new chess moves, and improving their ability to make smart tactical moves during games.

in this course you will learn

  • openings for white and black 
  • strategies to boost your confidence
  • and strategic thinking
  • participation in tournaments (optional)

35 lessons / 4 modules


open games


semi-open games


closed games


semi-closed games

how are classes going

the lesson is divided into 4 parts:
  • repetition of key knowledge from the previous lesson.
  • theory: we study the theory corresponding to the topic of the lesson.
  • practice: we play games, analyze them, solve chess problems and chess positions.
  • chess stories and news.


depends on the personal pace of information perception and the amount of time allocated to practice this knowledge


upon completion of the course, you receive an electronic certificate confirming the successful completion of the chess course.

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